Is it ok to flush hand/baby wipes down the toilet?
No, although they resemble toilet paper, they do not break down.

Does liquid plumber really work?
No, it is caustic.  It will more than likely eat through your pipes before it will clear a clog.  Additionally, it will cost you more in the long run to replace your pipes than it will to call a professional plumber.

Will a tankless water heater save me money?
Yes, since you do not have to constantly reheat stored water and because you heat it instantly you use less energy.  Every household has different needs therefore a tankless water heater is not always practical for every home.

My garbage disposal smells funny.  How do I resolve this issue?
This could be caused by one of two issues.  You could have bacteria & sludge growing in your garbage disposal or you may have improper plumbing for your garbage disposal.  For the first situation, I would recommend pouring ½ cup of bleach down your disposal every week.  If the problem persists for more than 1 month I would call a plumber from My Ph.D. services for an evaluation.  For the second issue, if it is plumbed incorrectly you will emit a smell for the garbage disposal or the dishwasher.  An evaluation is necessary.

My toilet constantly runs.  I have to jiggle the handle to get it to stop running.  What is the solution?
If the water stops by jiggling the handle generally the problem is your flapper assembly.  You can purchase the assembly at one of you local box stores however this installation can prove to be difficult and trying.

The toilet does not flush correctly what can I do to remedy the situation?
This is usually due to the age of the toilet.  Toilets become clogged with scale build up.  Scale build up cannot be removed.  The best solution is to replace your toilet.

It takes a long time to get hot water to my faucet.  What can I do?
You need to have a re-cirque pump installed which can be done on any water tank.  This pump will circulate water  through your hot water plumbing system.

When I run the water in my bathtub the water looks dirty.  Should I be concerned?
You probably live in an older home with galvanized pipes.  The water is not contaminated or unsafe.  The only solution is to replace your piping.  I recommend you replace your old pipes with a plastic Pex-A tubing.

I get good water pressure to everything except the shower in my bathroom. What is the problem/solution?
Either  you have hard water which has calcified in your shower head or you have old pipes that have become clogged at the fixture.  For the former, you will need to replace your shower head.  For the latter you will need to replace your pipes.

I run out of hot water when I take a shower.  Is my water heater too small?
No, the average water heater produces over 50 gallons per hour.  You have one of three problems.  A broken diptube, a failed thermostat or blown elements.

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